Summer 2017 Newsletter

Cybersecurity 2017   IT Security Checklist

Security today continues to evolve as malware becomes more sophisticated.  LPS surveys and tests the integrity of your current security strategies and is able to find vulnerabilities that exist and make updated recommendations. We often find complex scenarios where old and new technologies are utilized in tandem. This happens frequently as businesses update; it only takes just one insecure component to negate your otherwise secure infrastructure. Contact us for a full risk assessment tailored to your individual business needs.


Do you have a BDR plan?

BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) is a vital component of any modern organization In short, BDR solutions keep businesses safe when trouble strikes. LPS has decades of experience in building, designing, researching and implementing BDR solutions for our clients. We partner only with proven software and hardware vendors to minimize downtime while maximizing client confidence, allowing your business to operate unhindered.

Ransomware Everywhere

Peyta, NotPeyta, and WannaCry are just the latest wave of ransomware making headlines.  These attacks infect hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, encrypting critical files while extorting organizations for millions of dollars yearly. Antivirus solutions are increasingly ineffective in preventing these threats as new exploits are discovered. Call LPS today and let us design your organization a network-level hardware defense unsusceptible to these software exploits.

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