Accounting Technology in Business


Advances in technology can change the way a business operates, including their accounting. There are a variety of software systems that streamline the accounting process and store financial information for companies today.  There are also key factors to take into consideration with the ever-changing developments in technology and accounting.


Changing Technology


The rapid changes and advances in technology and updated software functions include all the newest bells and whistles and clearly define the limits in an older system that may be outdated.  Compatibility, transferring old data, database size, cost and complications are important to consider in the decision making process of whether to continue operating on a system with fewer functions or spend money to upgrade to a different version or system. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions now is entirely subscription based with fee structure that is based per user and the cost can be enormous.




The integrity of a company’s security of the accounting system and data is limited to the quality of the software itself and the internal security itself.  Anything is up for grabs from financial records and information to employee personnel records and client/vendor accounts in a system that is poorly protected leaves an opening for hackers.  Malicious hackers may hold your data hostage even compromise sensitive information that could result in harm to a company and/or it’s employees, customers and clients if their information is accessed.  Many companies today have expanded their insurance coverage to include cyber liability to cover damages in the event of a hack.  An independent trusted IT firm should routinely evaluate and advise on security concerns.




The quality and effectiveness of any software is only as good as the individuals using it and that is determined by the comfort level and how well trained the staff is on it.  User errors can also be a potential problem that could create incorrect accounting data for a company.   Training on the program and its features is part of the package no matter what.



Automation and Limitation


Automatic features in accounting software seamlessly transfers data to multiple reports and systems, with capability to automatically send payments or invoices. Errors and bugs in the software also have an impact on various reports and other items generated by the system and cause incorrect information or calculations. The ability to maintain the amount of control in these processes depends on the accounting software selection.



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