LAN and PC Services Announces New Security Audits


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LAN and PC Services Announces New Security Audits


Greenwich, CT, Nov. 13, 2012 — LAN and PC Services (, a Fairfield County-based consulting firm specializing in IT solutions, today announced it will offer new security audits. This service provides an in-depth analysis and solutions for network vulnerabilities.

Security audits are conducted by monitoring a firm’s network for a period of time, allowing a birds-eye view of what is happening. These audits are becoming increasingly popular as hackers have grown more sophisticated in their approach. They enable companies to see who entered their network, how long they stayed, and what they did.

Jeff Higgins, Principal and Founder of LAN and PC Services, said, “Security audits should be performed on a yearly basis because a data breach can cripple a firm. Our audits do not interrupt network operations and can solve issues such as password weakness, authentication processes and authorization capabilities.”

Although the integrity of network security for a firm is never foolproof, yearly auditing of vulnerabilities can reduce the chance of breaches. Even some insurance policies for cyber-liability require this service be performed for coverage eligibility. In addition to increasing vulnerability awareness, network strength and knowledge, audits help to improve processes within organizations for their protection.

Each participant’s network undergoes a customized seven-day tracking process designed to expose any indiscretions and allow changes to be made within the structure to reduce continued assaults. The audit concludes with a comprehensive overview of the identified risks and the execution of an action plan.

For more information, please email, call 203-422-0686, visit or write LAN & PC Services, Inc., 100 Melrose Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.


About LAN & PC Services

LAN and PC Services, Inc. was founded in 1995, LPS has expanded from consulting and collaboration to back-end operations, security and system maintenance.  We operate as a high-level liaison, bridging business objectives with technology concerns and financial considerations.

We are based in Greenwich, CT, and service clients in NYC and NJ as well.  LAN and PC Services offer several solutions from onsite or remote access IT services, to outsourcing and staffing, and online PR campaigns.  In addition, we have a sister company Lazer Recharge handles printer maintenance and toner supplies.

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